Martin Hill Antenna Installs

Working Hard…

Some of the highest paid positions in PA… The white 20ft 2M receive antenna and 6M AR-6 receiving antennas.

6M AR-6 Transmitting antenna

2M Super Station Master transmitting antenna

Here’s a few more pics
Hope they get through to you


The second picture is a beautiful view. Did you take it with your drone?
Bernie, W3DRW

Nice pictures!!!

Question for the group: why did you chose the AR-6 antenna? If that’s the 6m ringo, I was looking at that one and comparing it to the hustler G-3754 or similar with the radials. Just curious.


Thanks. It gave me a good chance to put the drone to use.

Honestly, I don’t think we really did a comparison to the Hustler. A number of people in and out of the club had positive experience with the AR-6 and we ended up getting one of them donated to us.

The Hustler G-3754 you mentioned looks pretty comparable and even has a higher db gain (3.0 vs 4.25). The Hustler tunes in at 2:1 across the 6M band, while the AR-6 is narrow band and when you target a specific frequency, you can get it much closer.

I’m also rather curious how long the $150 Ringo lasts on a tower compared to the $1000 (plus $350 shipping) Commander Technologies 1142-2CN.


My biggest concern is the structural integrity of the Ringo at that height exposed to strong winds, ice and snow. One good thing is that it doesn’t have much wind loading. Also Dave and Jerry recommended it…