Saxton - repeater coverage

Last month the electric & phone companies postponed a planned outage in the Saxton area. The work to be done (pole replacement) was projected to be 8 hours and will cut power and phone communication to the area.
Bedford County EMA (Cubby) had mentioned that our services may be requested to help cover emergency communication for the area during that time. There are two senior housing locations that will be affected with no backup power.

We have NOT been requested, I’m just thinking out loud on how BCARS could prepare ahead of time to better respond.

Does anyone currently know the reception of the BCARS repeaters in downtown Saxton? I’ll throw out a reference point of the Saxton Market as it has a large parking lot and baseball field below (thinking of options to setup a tower if need-be. Anyone traveling in the area that could give a test from a mobile?

Looking at the terrain, the mountain may be high enough to block signals. Have we used the van as a mobile relay previously?

Anyone else have ideas to brainstorm ahead of time or other input?

In the past we have attempted to communicate from Saxton. It is rough, I think John/KB3DFZ got back to the courthouse on 40 meters but that was not great. I am sure with the tower trailer and one or two 2meter Yagi antennas we could do it. It is going to have to warm up some before I can dig the tower trailer out. We used to do ARES training one or two Saturdays a month to practice events like this.

I talked from the Saxton Fire hall to Bedford - but it wasn’t one of our repeaters. Might have been Blue Knob, but could have been another. I couldn’t bring up the 145.490. This was before we did the upgrades on 145.490, and before we had the 6M repeater.

Anyone heading down should have a list of repeaters to try.

The 146.790 just might work from there.